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Your natural wooden floor represents one of the enduring triumphs of English building – a feature that has been popular for centuries. One still unrivalled for natural beauty, durability and ease of maintenance.

Yet a floor has to put up with the pressure of time and feet. So when your floors – in the home, office, bar, school, shop, museum, gallery or restaurant – have declined to an unhappy, shabby or damaged state of affairs, then delay no longer.

Give them a fresh look with floor sanding and resealing from professionals.

Call on Floor Sanding Mitcham CR4 for all your floor restoration needs.

From hardwood boards to parquet or mosaic blocks, we provide the complete service:


Repair and replacement of damaged timber


Sanding away old paint and sealant


Staining the bare wood for a new colour to match your decor

Try the modern washed look of grey or Scandinavian white – ideal for open plan properties.

Renewed protection with natural oil, hard wax or lacquer

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All with minimal fuss and mess. Our sanding machines do a job that is virtually dust free. And we keep any closure to a minimum by flexible working – at weekends or even overnight.

So call us today for your free assessment. You’ll get the best advice – and a job completed with the highest quality materials. Your new floor will offer great value: lasting longer and remain looking good.


The Surrey Iron railway of 1803 was the first public railway in the world. Horse drawn, it followed the course of the Wandle from Wandsworth to Croydon, passing through Mitcham. The station served the subsequent suburban railway and lasted until 1997, with the tramlink now using the site and Station House converted to a residential block.

​Mitcham retains some weatherboarded cottages and several large 18th century villas around the cricket green area. Several notable players began their career on the green, including the Surrey opener, Andrew Sandham, scorer of over a hundred hundreds and the first man to score a triple century in a Test.

A candidate for the most outstanding building in the town is Eagle House in London Road. Dating from 1705, its impressive wrought iron gates protect a classy if conservative building – within which stands an impressive oak staircase.

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Colin Cole
"After I had decided to rip up my old carpet and keep up with the ...
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Colin Cole
"After I had decided to rip up my old carpet and keep up with the floorboards, I knew that their condition may not be the best. When the carpet was taken up, I couldn't believe my eyes; the floorboards were in shocking condition, especially on the stairs. I quickly realised that I couldn't do the work myself, and so I contacted you. After being given a very reasonable quote, you renovated my floorboards and they now look as good as new! Before your team turned up, my floorboards were an ugly colour which didn't look good whatsoever. When work had been completed, my floorboards looked like I wanted them to be. Long gone were the dark and unsightly stains which seemed to be apparent all over. Now, my floorboards look like they're taken out of a furniture catalogue. I'm definitely passing on your details to my family and friends!"
Colin Cole
Colin Cole
Steve Cracknell
"When I ripped up my discoloured carpets which were, frankly, very old, I was shocked ...
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Steve Cracknell
"When I ripped up my discoloured carpets which were, frankly, very old, I was shocked at what my floorboards were like. Although I have lived in my home for over twenty years, I had never seen my floorboards before. Not only did they have a variety of colours, but there were many gaps in between as well, and the amount of dust and dirt was frightening! As I suffer from asthma, this was a real worry for me as dust tends to trigger quite a nasty attack. When I explained to Andrew and his team about my concerns and the work that I wanted him to do, he reassured me that he could do this work without any problem. When he arrived at my home, he was very courteous and kept my home very neat and tidy. And the end result? My floorboards look as good as they have ever been, the dust is gone and my asthma seems to have improved too!"
Steve Cracknell
Steve Cracknell
Sylvia Stubbs
"I don't normally email a company which I have hired to complete work for me ...
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Sylvia Stubbs
"I don't normally email a company which I have hired to complete work for me but I had to let you know about how happy I am with the quality of the sanding you did for my parents. They are elderly and very frail, and they were concerned about whether much dust would be created. When your team turned up at the allocated time, they made sure that they produced hardly any dust at all. I was also relieved as well because I cleaned my parents' house when your team had finished. As I don't have much free time, I managed to put my parent's furniture back into place without having to take any time off from work because there was minimal cleaning to do. Thanks again."
Sylvia Stubbs
Sylvia Stubbs

Restoring Your Parquet Floor

Fitting and installing a parquet floor can be expensive, but nothing’s a nicer surprise for homeowners than lifting carpets to find original parquet flooring underneath. Ok, your parquet floor may need restoration to bring it back to its former glory, but a little hard work and care will soon have it looking like new.

Restoring old parquet floors
Remove any Bitumen
Sand the Floor

First off, you will need to check over the parquet floor for any damage or movement when it’s walked on. Some of the original blocks may also be missing. Parquet flooring generally fits together using tongue and groove systems, so you will need to take care when removing any loose or damaged blocks.

You may be able to source exactly the same blocks in another room of the home, alternatively you can find them at reclamation yards. Parquet floors were popular fitments between the 1930s and 1970s, so all blocks will be in imperial measurements and when you’re looking for replacement blocks you’ll want to source the same type of wood, so the finished floor has a consistent appearance. Once you’ve sourced all the wood blocks required to complete your floor, you’ll need to lift the parquet floor to clean the underfloor.

Many older parquet floors were fixed down using bitumen, which is no longer approved for use in the home. So you’ll need to scrape up any old bitumen using a chisel or chemicals. If the underfloor is not level after this task has been carried out, you can fill in gaps and uneven areas using levelling compounds. When you’ve managed to create the best possible level for your underfloor you can get on with laying the parquet back down.

Ideally, you should try to replace the parquet in its original pattern as this will be the best fit for the room. If small gaps should appear in the layout, it’s nothing major to worry about as these can be filled afterwards and wood will expand and contract naturally due to seasonal temperature changes. A notched trowel should be used as this ensures a good base for the blocks.

When you’ve laid all the blocks, you’ll want to consider the benefits of professional floor sanding to give your parquet floor an immaculate appearance.

The Floor Sanding Masters have been trading since 1994 and provide parquet floor restoration services to residential consumers or businesses. We’re experts at restoring school halls to their original glory, too. Contact us for more information – we cover the whole of the south of England from our base in London, W6.